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Why Every Adult Should Have an Annual Eye Exam, Even Those Who Have Perfect Vision

Why Every Adult Should Have an Annual Eye Exam, Even Those Who Have Perfect Vision

Perfect vision is something that a hallowed few are lucky to have. Even if you benefit from a 20/20 prescription today, as the years pass by this will likely change and need some form of correction. The reasons for this are many. The anatomy of the body is dynamic, meaning the internal geography of the eye undergoes tiny changes. This is more commonly noticed after the age of 40.The following looks at the many reasons why every adult should have a comprehensive eye exam every year.

The Annual Eye Exam: Protecting Vision Throughout Your Lifetime

  • Imperfect or perfect vision: looking after your eyesight
  • What happens during an annual eye exam?

Imperfect or perfect vision: looking after your eyesight

While you might not be blessed with 20/20 vision, good ophthalmology treatment can bring you up, or as close as possible, to this with the use of corrective lenses. This is achieved with eyeglasses, contact lenses, or laser vision correction. The misnomer, “perfect vision”, shouldn’t really be applied to your natural prescription. It’s more applicable to the steps taken to bring your eyesight up to this standard or, in many cases, even better.This can only be achieved in conjunction with your eye doctor—and that means annual eye exams.

What happens during an annual eye exam?

During an eye exam, your doctor will carry out a variety of tests to determine your visual acuity. Having this done each year allows accurate tracking of any changes in your prescription and the appropriate action taken.  But in addition, this crucial health check monitors for any serious conditions. Many of these have no symptoms at first—indeed, diseases such as cataracts evolve so slowly that it can take many years before even the slightest signs become apparent. Cataracts are only one condition that’s looked for. Others include:

  • Glaucoma
  • AMD (age-related macular degeneration)
  • Damage to the retina (tears or holes)
  • Other health-related conditions that affect the eyes, such as diabetic retinopathy

What are the Risks of Not Having an Annual Eye Exam?

  • Reduce risks and protecting perfect vision

Reduce risks and protecting perfect vision

Apart from the worry of the above-mentioned sight-threatening conditions going undiagnosed, many other risks exist if you fail to have regular eye checks. One very common problem is that your vision has deteriorated so slowly that you’ve failed to notice it. This might mean that you’re illegally driving a motor vehicle because your eyesight isn’t up to standard.You might begin to suffer from other health conditions because of eye strain. Headaches, fatigue, neck ache, backache, and more are common side-effects of less than perfect vision. Less crucial, but nonetheless extremely important, is that your day-to-day life is affected. Great eyesight allows us to truly benefit from the wonderful world around us. Struggling with blurred vision or not seeing colors in their true vibrancy is a sad state of affairs and one that’s so easily rectified through regular eye exams. Everyone’s eyesight is unique. Vision is probably the most important of all the senses, making the simple step of having an annual eye exam only a minor inconvenience for a lifetime of (near) perfect vision.

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Routine eye care is so easy to achieve. South Florida residents are fortunate to have one of the best eye clinics in the world right on their doorstep. The West Boca Eye Center is a premier, academic-grade facility that’s a one-stop shop for every aspect of eye health.From annual eye exams to the latest laser vision correction and more, people travel from across the US (and further) to take advantage of the level of care on offer. Visit to get to know us and call today to book your routine eye examination.

Why Every Adult Should Have an Annual Eye Exam, Even Those Who Have Perfect Vision
Why Every Adult Should Have an Annual Eye Exam, Even Those Who Have Perfect Vision

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