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Why Every Adult Should Have an Annual Eye Exam, Even Those Who Have Perfect Vision

Why Every Adult Should Have an Annual Eye Exam, Even Those Who Have Perfect Vision

For the vast majority of people, our vision tends to stabilize once we hit early adulthood. As we progress through the decades, small alterations in our eye anatomy, plus the general aging process, means that at around the age of 40, vision changes begin to become apparent.However, even though you might not give your vision a second thought—especially through your 20s and 30s—microscopic changes might be occurring within our vital organs of sight. This means that everyone—and yes, that includes you—should ensure that they undergo a comprehensive annual eye exam.Still not convinced? Read on to discover why it’s such an important element of overall health care.

All You Need to Know About an Annual Eye Exam

  • Protecting perfect vision
  • The risks of not having an annual eye exam

Protecting perfect vision

Perfect vision is often perceived to be the hallowed 20/20 we hear about. However, even if you’re not blessed with this naturally, a good eye doctor will be able to get most people somewhere near this (or even better) with the use of eyeglasses, contact lenses, or laser vision correction.When we talk about perfect vision, the reason we have annual eye examinations is to keep our vision at the optimal level. If necessary, your eye doctor will change your prescription to ensure that it remains as close to perfect as possible.

The risks of not having an annual eye exam

Over and above prescription changes, there are other crucial reasons that all of us need annual eye exams. The biggest of these is this scary fact:Many sight-threatening eye conditions have no symptoms at first.Some take years to evolve to the stage where they cause deterioration of vision. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that no damage is occurring. Examples of such conditions and diseases include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Retinal tears and holes
  • Diabetic retinopathy

This list is by no means exhaustive. However, it demonstrates some of the sight-threatening conditions that are often picked up through annual routine eye exams, even though the person hadn’t noticed a single symptom.

Imperfect or Perfect Vision—It’s Vital to Look After Your Sight

  • The road to perfect vision is unique to you

The road to perfect vision is unique to you

Your eyesight is like no one else’s. The anatomy of your eyes is unique to you—much in the same way that your fingerprints are. A great patient-eye doctor relationship builds with each annual appointment you attend. He or she becomes familiar with your eye physiology, creating a database of what’s normal for you. Therefore, when a change occurs that signals the very start of a treatable problem, it gets picked up at the earliest stage.In turn, this bodes well for future perfect (or perfect-for-you) vision throughout your life.So, before you consider binning off the need for annual eye examinations, ask yourself this. Is the minor inconvenience of having to take an hour or so off work once a year to ensure lifelong great vision really such a hardship? We think you’ll agree that the answer is a resounding no.If you’ve not yet booked your next eye exam, then we have a single question to ask you. What on earth are you waiting for…?

Ready to Protect your Perfect Vision? Contact the West Boca Eye Center Today

The thing about eyesight is that we take it for granted. That is, until it begins to fail. The key to ensuring that you achieve your personal level of perfect vision, whatever your age, is through annual eye examinations. This is something that the West Boca Eye Center advocates for every adult throughout their life.Don’t leave your vision to chance. Find out more about the eye examination process at and get in touch today to book yours.

Why Every Adult Should Have an Annual Eye Exam, Even Those Who Have Perfect Vision
Why Every Adult Should Have an Annual Eye Exam, Even Those Who Have Perfect Vision

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