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Which Tests Will Be Performed During My Eye Exam?

Which Tests Will Be Performed During My Eye Exam?

Eye exams are an essential element of ongoing visual health. These are carried out at least every two years and sometimes more frequently. Exactly how often depends on your age and any underlying health conditions you might have.Eye exams are nothing to be worried about. They consist of routine tests that take around 30 minutes to perform. The following looks at some of the most common types of examinations that are carried out.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About an Eye Vision Exam

  • Eye vision exam: the pre-assessment
  • Eye vision exam: the comprehensive eye test

Eve vision exam: the pre-assessment

The initial part of an eye test is the pre-assessment. This consists of the clinician taking a detailed medical history to determine if any underlying health conditions impact the health of your eyes. This will include whether you’ve suffered any changes in your eyesight, any past or current treatment, allergies, and more.

Eve vision exam: the comprehensive eye test

There are a wide variety of tests that a doctor might carry out during the comprehensive eye exam. Some involve you to actively participate, others are examinations where the eye doctor uses a particular instrument to look into the eyes. Exactly which are used will depend on the ophthalmologist’s findings, but generally include the following as standard:

  • A retinoscopy: Where light is shone into your eyes to allow the doctor to view the retina and, if you require lenses, gauge a rough prescription for these.
  • Tonometry: Also known as the ‘puff test’. A small puff of air is blown into the eyes to measure the pressure within. This is a test for glaucoma.
  • Ocular motility testing: The doctor will watch how your eyes move, focus, and the relationship between each other as they do.
  • Colorblind testing: To assess for symptoms of being colorblind or in those who might have a hereditary link to the condition.
  • Slit-lamp examination: The doctor will view the interior structure of the eyes under magnification.
  • Visual acuity tests: You’ll be asked to read letters on a chart—known as a Snellen Chart—that get progressively smaller.

In some cases, a dilated pupil examination might be carried out. Drops are applied that cause the pupil to widen, allowing the doctor to get an even better view of the interior structures of the eye. These take about 30 minutes to take effect and you’ll need to wear sunglasses for a few hours afterward until the drops wear off.

How to Find an Eye Exam Near Me

  • Word of mouth, online, or doctor-recommended

Word of mouth, online, or doctor-recommended

By far the best method of finding a good eye care practitioner is by recommendation from a friend or family member. However, if this isn’t possible then begin an online search to narrow down providers near to you. Be sure to read reviews—but do be aware that these can be manipulated to make them appear better than they are. For those with particular eye and/or health conditions, such as diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, etc., it’s advisable to speak to your healthcare provider who’ll be able to point you in the right direction of a good ophthalmologist to undertake your eye care.

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Which Tests Will Be Performed During My Eye Exam?
Which Tests Will Be Performed During My Eye Exam?

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