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What Is A Comprehensive Eye Exam?

What Is A Comprehensive Eye Exam?

A comprehensive eye exam is carried out by an eye doctor, also known as an ophthalmologist, and uses a series of tests and equipment to assess the health of your eyes. Depending on your age (and any eye or medical conditions you might have), such an examination should be carried out annually or every two years to ensure any issues or abnormalities are picked up at the earliest stages.

What Happens During a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

  • The pre-assessment
  • The different aspects of a comprehensive eye exam

The pre-assessment

Every comprehensive eye exam begins with the ophthalmologist taking a detailed medical history. This is because the health of your eyes is directly impacted by your general well-being. They’ll want to know about any medical conditions you might have, any family history of disease, allergies, or reactions (including environmental issues, such as hay fever or a dust allergy). This will allow your eye doctor to determine various risk factors, monitor for particular eye conditions, and help them to put in place any preventative measures necessary for your best visual health. They’ll also want to know about any problems or changes you’ve noticed with your vision and any treatment you might be having or have had in the past.

The different aspects of a comprehensive eye exam

A comprehensive eye examination takes at least 30 minutes. It may take longer if you have certain eye or health conditions that warrant further tests. There are many tests included during the exam, some of which are:

  • Visual acuity tests: These are carried out by asking you to read letters from a distance chart that get progressively smaller. They’ll also be a smaller, hand-held version, to read from as well.
  • Ocular motility testing: This is to gauge the movement of your eyes, such as following a moving target or how they move between and focus on two separate objects
  • Colorblind test: Normally carried out near the beginning of the test to check for hereditary color blindness or symptoms that might suggest other eye issues.
  • Tonometry: This is to measure the pressure within the eyes and is also called the glaucoma test. It consists of a puff of air—it’s not painful but might startle you a little.
  • Slit-lamp exam: The enables the doctor to examine the interior structure of your eyes under magnification
  • Retinoscopy: Consists of a light being shone into your eyes and allows the doctor to gain an approximate prescription for corrective lenses.
  • Dilated pupil exam: This may or may not be carried out. You’ll be given eye drops (that take around 20-30 minutes to work) to dilate the pupils and allow for a more comprehensive view of the inside of the eye. If this is carried out, you’ll need to wear sunglasses for a few hours afterward until they wear off.

These are not the only tests performed, but gives an idea of the procedure and the depth of the examination carried out during a comprehensive eye exam.

Selecting an Eye Doctor

  • Finding the best eye exam near me

Finding the best eye exam near me

A comprehensive eye exam can be carried out by an optometrist or a specialized eye doctor, known as an ophthalmologist. For anyone with eye conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, or who has a history of eye conditions or a high refractive error, the services of an ophthalmologist who can also carry out any necessary treatments is probably the best option.That way you get continuity of care, as well as building up a relationship with a doctor who you know and trust to take the best care of your eyesight.

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What Is A Comprehensive Eye Exam?
What Is A Comprehensive Eye Exam?

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