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What Are The Different Types of Eye Doctors?

What Are The Different Types of Eye Doctors?

There are different grades of eye doctors, with each undergoing a different level of training. Depending on what this is will determine the professional title under which they practice, as well as the conditions they can diagnose and treat.Read on to find out everything you need to know about the different types of eye doctors.

Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist

  • The different grades of eye doctor

The different grades of eye doctor

There are two different types of eye doctors: optometrists and ophthalmologists. Both qualifications require an initial three years of college study. After this, the individual undergoes further training appropriate to the level that they want to achieve.

  • Optometrist: To get this qualification requires a further four years to gain a degree as a Doctor of Optometry. This is not a medical doctor qualification (even though it takes a considerable amount of study and practice to get there). Instead, this type of eye doctor is a healthcare clinician who’s responsible for primary vision care. You might see an optometrist for regular eyesight checks and vision correction. They can also diagnose, treat, and manage ongoing vision changes.
  • Ophthalmologist: These are medical doctors who’ve undertaken further training to specialize in the treatment of all aspects of eye health. They can diagnose and treat all kinds of eye-related conditions and perform surgical procedures. They also prescribe and fit corrective vision lenses.

Many ophthalmologists specialize in a particular area of eye disease. This could be cataracts, glaucoma, laser vision correction, retinal issues, eye-related neurology, pediatric ophthalmology, and other niche areas.

Finding the Right Eye Doctor Near Me

  • Finding an Optometrist
  • Finding an ophthalmologist near me

Finding an optometrist

By far the best way to find a good optometrist near you is to ask friends and family for recommendations. That way you’ve got a personal connection who has already vouched for that person’s professionalism and credentials.

Finding an ophthalmologist near me

The same applies if you’re looking for an ophthalmologist. However, because you might need their services regarding a particular eye condition, you might not have an associate who’s needed to have such treatment. In this case, it becomes necessary to carry out some research and due diligence to find the eye doctor who’ll be best suited to treat your condition.One good avenue is to speak to your primary care physician. They will have a good knowledge of experts in your area. They’ll also know your medical history, so should be able to advise accordingly. Of course, you should always do your own research as well—something that’s now quite straightforward to do, thanks to the internet. Once you’ve found a shortlist of possible eye doctors, give them a call and/or visit in person. That way you can ask direct questions and make sure that the person you choose is someone with whom you feel comfortable will provide you with the very best treatment.

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What Are The Different Types of Eye Doctors?
What Are The Different Types of Eye Doctors?

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