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What Age Do Cataracts Start?

What Age Do Cataracts Start?

Cataracts are often considered something that only blights us later in life. While this is true in the majority of cases, there are other instances where a cataract can form in a person’s earlier years.The following provides an overview of the most common types of cataracts—those that are age-related—and other reasons a person might suffer at a younger age.

Early Cataracts, Age-Related Cataracts, and Other Reasons

  • What are early cataracts?
  • What are age-related cataracts?
  • Other reasons cataracts can occur

What are early cataracts?

Early cataracts—often referred to as childhood or congenital cataracts—are very rare. They can occur because of a genetic reason, from injury to the eye after birth, from infections that a mother might have suffered during pregnancy (including chickenpox or rubella), or are sometimes caused by other genetic conditions, such as Down’s syndrome.While they can cause poor vision in some cases, as well as other issues, such as a squint or wobbling eyes, they often don’t create major vision problems. Babies are routinely screened for cataracts within 72 hours of birth and again between 6-8 weeks. If a cataract is suspected at either examination, the child will be seen by an ophthalmologist who specializes in the condition.If treatment is considered necessary, surgery will be recommended.  

What are age-related cataracts?

Age-related cataracts can begin to form any time from age 40 onwards. However, because they take many years to cause symptoms, they generally don’t cause any vision problems before the age of 60. Once diagnosed, your eye doctor will monitor the condition as it progresses. Preventative measures during this time include eyeglass and/or contact lens prescriptions.When the time comes that cataracts cause more severe vision restrictions, your ophthalmologist will recommend a surgical procedure to remove the lens and replace it with an artificial one. The operation is short and usually carried out on an outpatient basis. It’s the most common surgical procedure in the world, with millions being carried out each year.

Other reasons cataracts can occur

The formation of cataracts can be brought on due to other reasons. These include:

  • Disease or traumatic injury
  • Previous eye surgery
  • Exposure to radiation (including UV rays)
  • Reactions to certain medications, including long-term use of corticosteroids
  • Lifestyle choices, such as being obese, excessive alcohol consumption, and smoking tobacc

All About Cataract Vision

  • The effects of cataract on vision and how they’re treated

The effects of cataract on vision and how they’re treated

During the early stages of cataract formation, you’ll probably have no symptoms. As they progress, they begin to cause issues. These include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Faded or yellowing of colors
  • Poor night vision
  • Becoming sensitive to bright lights
  • Difficulty seeing in poor light so, for example, requiring an additional light source to read a book

If the condition is allowed to progress without intervention, it will eventually cause severe vision problems and even blindness. Happily, cataract surgery has an extremely high success rate, so the problem is completely treatable.

The Most Advanced Cataract Vision Treatment for Age-Related and Early Cataract on Offer at the WBEC

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What Age Do Cataracts Start?
What Age Do Cataracts Start?

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