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The Risks Of Not Treating Cataracts

The Risks Of Not Treating Cataracts

Cataract is a common condition that affects nearly all of us by the age of about 80. However, modern technology means that this sight-threatening issue can be easily treated with cutting-edge surgery. Cataract treatment is one of (if not the) most commonly carried out surgical procedures in the USA—or, indeed, the world.However, many people still don’t take advantage of this life-changing operation. The risks of not doing so are great, as we detail in this article. We also talk about the options available to treat cataracts, the advantages of doing so, and the importance of monitoring the condition.

Everything You Need to Know About Cataracts

  • What is a cataract?
  • What treatments are available to treat cataracts?
  • What are the risks of an untreated cataract?

What is a cataract?

A cataract is where the lens of the eye becomes cloudy over time, causing reduced vision. They form over many years, with many being asymptomatic during the initial formation. Cataracts commonly begin to form as we get older, typically after we reach the age of 50. You can suffer from them in one or both eyes.Because cataracts don’t tend to cause symptoms for many years, the first we know about them is when your eye doctor makes a diagnosis during a routine eye examination.

What treatments are available to treat cataracts?

At first, cataracts are usually treated with corrective lenses. As they progress, your ophthalmologist will tell you when the time comes for surgery. This involves the surgeon making a tiny incision to the eye with a laser. Another laser is then used to target the diseased lens, breaking it down and removing it. This is then replaced by an intraocular lens (IOL). The procedure takes around 45 minutes in total. You usually return home the same day.There are various methods that a cataract surgeon can use to carry out the procedure, as well as different IOLs. However, all cataract surgery aims to replace the cloudy lens with a clear one, therefore restoring vision.

What are the risks of an untreated cataract?

The most obvious risk of an untreated cataract is blindness. The condition is one of the leading causes of loss of vision in the world. It’s especially prevalent in developing countries, where diagnostic procedures aren’t regularly carried out and people are less able to access quality eye care. However, there are other risk factors associated with the condition as well. One of these is glaucoma, where the pressure within the eye increases and, once again, can be sight-threatening. Another incidental side-effect of an untreated cataract is accidental injury. If your vision is impaired, then the likelihood of injuring yourself through not seeing what’s around you is dramatically increased.It’s also worth being aware that, once a cataract has advanced dramatically, it becomes more problematic to successfully remove. Even if it’s still possible for the procedure to be carried out, the results might not be as good as they would have been if the operation was done at an earlier stage.

Contact the West Boca Eye Center for the Ultimate in Cataract Care

Cataract monitoring and surgery is a specialty of the WBEC. Lead clinician, Brent Bellotte MD., is known worldwide for his work on advancing treatments. This means that his clinic can offer options that might not always be available elsewhere.From diagnosis through to eventual surgery, you can be sure that cataract treatment at the clinic is among—if not the—best on the planet. In the majority of cases, cataract is a wholly treatable condition. If you’re worried about cataracts, don’t leave your vision to worsen without seeking expert advice. Don’t delay. Visit to discover more about the options available and get in contact today to discuss your condition.

The Risks Of Not Treating Cataracts
The Risks Of Not Treating Cataracts

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