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The Best Eye Specialist in Mid-Florida

Florida is blessed with many things: long days of sunshine, a sparkling blue ocean, white sandy beaches, great gastronomy, and some of the hippest towns on the planet.  And… one of the world’s leading surgical ophthalmologists.Dr. Brent Bellotte—lead clinician at the West Boca Eye Center—is a cataract and laser vision correction specialist. Having dedicated his career to the advancement of such treatments, he’s considered by the industry and his peers to be one of the best in the country (if not the world).However… What if you don’t live in Florida? You still deserve to benefit from the ultimate eye treatment.The following discusses your options surrounding choosing an eye doctor, no matter where in the country (or across the globe) you might live.

Finding Eye Specialists: Mid-Florida and beyond

  • #1: define your requirements
  • #2: create a shortlist
  • #3: make contact

#1: define your requirements

No matter where you might live, the first rule to finding a great eye specialist begins with making a list of what you need. This should include the following:

  • What specialty do you need? A cataract surgeon? Diabetic eye care? Glaucoma? Laser vision correction?
  • Do you have any out-of-the-ordinary requirements? Perhaps you need a pediatric cataract specialist? Or you have a rare genetic condition that needs an eye doctor with specific treatment experience. Maybe you’ve been deemed unsuitable for laser vision correction in the past but want to explore the latest cutting-edge treatments. Perhaps you have another medical condition that needs to be considered when undergoing any eye-related care.
  • How far are you prepared to go to receive the right treatment? Long-distance travel might not be a possibility for everyone. However, seeking out the right specialist for your needs is likely to involve some effort on your behalf—unless, that is, you luck out and find an expert right in your neighborhood.
  • How will you fund your treatment? Through Medicare? Insurance? Self-funded? Or perhaps a combination. Remember that Medicare may not cover all types of treatment—nor, indeed, do all insurances. So be sure to read the small print.

Once you’ve defined the above, the next step is to…

#2: create a shortlist

The easiest way to start the search is online. OK, we all know that this usually returns way too many results. However, the more niche your requirements, the smaller the search result will be.Speaking to local healthcare providers is also a good move, as is spreading the word through your personal network of friends and colleagues.Aim to end up with a manageable list—say up to 10 names max. Of course, if your needs are very specific, then you might struggle to come up with more than 2 or 3 people anyway.

#3: get in contact

Once you’ve got your shortlist, then it’s time to make contact. You may choose to do this by email at first—especially if you have more than 5 names on the list. Following their responses, try to whittle the number down to no more than 3 people. Once done, it’s time to make personal contact. This could be done over the phone or—in today’s digital age—via a video call.Once you’ve reached this stage you should be able to pinpoint the eye specialist who’ll be best suited to your needs.

Local or Further Afield

  • Nearby convenience or travel to an eye specialist

Nearby convenience or travel to an eye specialist

Just a quick word on traveling for treatment. For some, this might not even be an option. Perhaps you’re immobile or have no means to travel hundreds or thousands of miles for care. If so, then you’ll have already discounted such options at the shortlist stage.However, if it’s a true specialist you need, then journeying to see them is almost inevitable. If your requirements are such that you need to seek help from the best, then hopping from state to state is as simple as buying a flight ticket. Just be sure to do your homework before you make the journey. This should be the very end stage of your quest to seek out a specialist. Many people travel to take full advantage of medical expertise—and eye health is certainly not any different…

Eye Specialists Mid-Florida don’t come Better than at the WBEC

The WBEC hasn’t got one of the best reputations in the US for nothing. The expertise of Brent Bellotte MD. and his team is the reason so many people make the journey to his Florida-based clinic. After all, what’s more important than your eyesight?If you’re looking for the ultimate cataract surgery, laser vision correction, or any other type of specialist treatment, then we’d love to hear from you. Visit and call our friendly team today for an exploratory conversation.

The Best Eye Specialist in Mid-Florida
The Best Eye Specialist in Mid-Florida

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