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The Benefits Of Lasik For Athletes

The Benefits Of Lasik For Athletes

Having 20/20 vision is wholly beneficial for athletes. When speed, sweat, and precision are what counts, every tiny advantage is what will shave off those precious seconds or allow you to hit that target. It’s for these very reasons that many athletes turn to Lasik surgery to negate the need to wear corrective lenses. The following discusses the many benefits that this simple procedure can have for athletes at all levels.

5 Reasons an Athlete Might Consider Having Lasik Surgery

Competitive athletes need to consider every aspect that will impact their performance. How you view the world is one of these and Lasik surgery can have a dramatic effect on your position on the leaderboard.  

  1. Improved results: Some sports rely on the quality of your vision, such as those that involve aiming for targets (shooting, archery, darts, etc.). However, there are not many that don’t require a heightened ability to quickly focus from objects close by to those far away. Sports, such as soccer, baseball, ice hockey, and more, require players to have excellent eyesight. Post-Lasik, most people benefit from 20/40 or 20/20 vision—something that can give you the edge over rivals who might have to rely on other vision correction aids or put up with reduced vision while they play.
  2. Adherence to rules: Many sports don’t allow participants to wear glasses or contact lenses. Martial arts and boxing are two examples, due to the danger of taking a blow to the face while wearing them.
  3. Sweat, dirt, and grime: Many sports involve getting hot and sweaty, not to mention the risk of dirt or dust getting in your eyes. If you wear contacts or glasses this could prove a major disadvantage, meaning your vision is below that of those who don’t have to wear them.
  4. Collision protection: With a heightened risk of contact in many sports there’s a risk of eye trauma for those wearing external visual aids. One example would be football players, who often get up close and personal with another player.
  5. Hoorah! It’s goodbye to goggles: Many people negate some of the above issues by wearing goggles. While they work, they also have disadvantages. These include reduced peripheral vision, issues with fogging up, and being uncomfortable.

The Visual Impact of Lasik Surgery for Athletes

  • Go faster, longer, stronger…

Go faster, longer, stronger…

Lasik can give athletes that crucial advantage they need to outplay, outlast, and outwit their competitors. Getting rid of the need for contacts or glasses might not seem like it’ll give you the upper hand, but when it comes to success, every little counts!From seeing that baseball clearly as it hurtles towards the earth through to the show jumper or event rider easily judging the distance until takeoff, the wonders of Lasik have been appreciated by millions of athletes around the world. Today’s advanced procedures mean that more people than ever are now suitable for laser vision correction. Even if you’ve been refused in the past, it’s likely that an experienced eye surgeon will be able to carry out the procedure.

Athletes Get The Ultimate Lasik Surgery at the West Boca Eye Center

At the WBEC, athletes benefit from the expertise of one of the world’s best Lasik ophthalmologists—Dr. Brent Bellotte. As lead clinician at this academic-grade, purpose-built clinic in Boca Raton, Florida, Bellotte has played a pivotal role in the advancements of Lasik and laser vision correction over the past few decades.For athletes, the need for accurate vision is essential, so it makes sense that you’ll want one of the best surgeons possible to carry out your procedure.  Discover more at and get in contact now to begin the journey to the best vision (and results) of your life…!

The Benefits Of Lasik For Athletes
The Benefits Of Lasik For Athletes

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