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LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Timeline & Post-Surgery Tips

LASIK, an acronym for Laser In Situ Keratomileusis, is a commonly carried out procedure that improves shortsightedness (myopia). On occasion, it’s also used to treat astigmatism and farsightedness. While it’s a highly popular procedure, anyone who’s considering it will undoubtedly have many questions, the most important of which is usually, how long is LASIK recovery? The following addresses many of the FAQs regarding Lasik eye surgery recovery.

The recovery timeline

  •     The first 24 hours
  •     Days 2-7
  •     The first 4 weeks.

The first 24 hours

Immediately following the procedure your surgeon will provide you with eye shields. It’s essential to wear them as necessary, especially at night. You’ll also be given a series of eye drops. Pay attention to how these should be used and follow the instructions as given.You should be able to see well within a few hours, and there should be little or no pain.

Days 2-7

You’ll have to continue wearing the eye shields for a few nights to prevent your touching your eyes while you’re asleep. On the subject of sleep, it’s really important to get plenty of rest during this time, as it’s only then that the body can fully undertake the healing process.Don’t wear makeup, and when going outside you’ll need to wear sunglasses as your eyes will be over-sensitive to light. You’ll be told not to swim for the first two weeks post-op.

The first four weeks

It’s likely your eyes will be sensitive during this time, perhaps feeling gritty, and you might see halos around light sources. Although this can be concerning, rest assured that this will settle and disappear completely with time. You may feel that your eyes are drier than normal—if it’s an issue, your surgeon will be able to prescribe eye drops.Don’t take part in any contact sports or anything that involves excessive strain during this time, such as lifting weights.Your surgeon will advise as to when you need to come back to see him or her. Of course, if you’re worried at any point during the recovery period, don’t hesitate to contact them for advice.

Post-surgery tips

  •     Speed your recovery with these additional steps

Speed your recovery with these additional steps

LASIK eye surgery recovery times are usually faster than other kinds of laser procedures. The following will help shorten this crucial time of healing and readjustment. o  Don’t rub your eyeso  Practice exemplary hand hygiene, especially before administering any eye dropso  Avoid harmful environments, such as those that are smoky or dusty. Refrain from entering anywhere that has high concentrations of chemicals—for example, print shops or dark roomso  If light sensitivity is severe, try wearing sunglasses even when indoors

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LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Timeline & Post-Surgery Tips
LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Timeline & Post-Surgery Tips

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