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Is Laser Vision Correction Surgery Safe?

Laser vision surgery is the most commonly carried out elective surgery worldwide, with millions of people having benefited from the minor surgical procedure. Today there’s no question that laser vision correction is safe—thousands are successfully carried out every week and there’s been extensive research over the past 30 years to firmly back up these safety records. The most important aspect of the treatment, apart from the expertise of your chosen eye-surgeon, is that of determining your suitability to undergo the treatment.

Laser Vision Surgery: Safety, risks, and complications

  •     Safety statistics
  •     Risks and complications

Safety statisticsWell over 10 million laser vision corrections have been carried out in the U.S. since the procedure was given FDA approval in 1999 (according to Market Scope). Worldwide, the figure is somewhat higher than 35 million and is increasing daily. 96%-98% of those treated end up with 20/20 vision or better (40%-50% are reported to have better than 20/20 vision post-treatment).

Risks and complications

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks to be aware of. It’s worth pointing out that the chances of side-effects are extremely low, and any that do occur usually settle down and resolve in the short term. Such issues are:-       Over or under correction: Meaning that you don’t experience perfect vision post-procedure. Virtually all such instances can be corrected through further treatment or by wearing contacts or glasses.-       Dry eyes: The nature of laser surgery disturbs the eye’s natural ability to tear, which can occasionally lead to dry eyes. This normally settles within a few weeks, and it’s very rare for it to continue for more than a few months.-       Blurred vision: There might be a period (up to 6 months) where the vision is not as sharp as you’d expect, but as your eyes stabilize the visual sharpness will return.

Laser Vision Surgery: Assessment and Screening Process

  •     Suitability
  •     Screening standards


For anyone considering this life-changing treatment, rather than asking, ‘Is laser vision correction surgery safe?”, you should be looking at the track record of your chosen provider. As with any surgical procedure, there are, of course, risks. While these are low, they can be further dramatically reduced through a strict assessment and screening process.Any problems that arise from procedures, such as LASIK or PRK, usually stem from a failure to correctly assess the individual’s eye condition and determine the most appropriate solution. Screening standardsWhile laser vision correction surgery is undoubtedly safe, it’s essential to choose a highly experienced surgeon. They should carry out a full assessment before discussing the best procedure depending on your circumstances. While most conditions, such as nearsightedness, longsightedness, and astigmatism, can be successfully treated, a reputable eye surgeon will tell you if you’re not a suitable candidate. Massive advances in laser technology mean that today’s treatments are effective for most people. But if you’re told that your particular vision issues are not conducive to the procedure then this recommendation should be taken seriously.

The West Boca Eye Center Specializes in Laser Vision Correction

The key to safe laser vision correction surgery is to ensure that your chosen eye doctor has a great track record, utilizes the very latest technological advancements, and has extensive personal experience in carrying out the chosen procedure.Brent Bellotte MD., of the West Boca Eye Center, is a world-leading eye surgeon who specializes in safe laser vision correction surgery. All patients benefit from an extensive pre-procedure assessment, which leads to a patient-doctor discussion as to the ultimate procedure that best suits each situation. Such expertise provides immense reassurance that laser vision correction surgery is safe and that your precious vision is in good hands.To find out more and book your initial consultation, visit

Is Laser Vision Correction Surgery Safe?
Is Laser Vision Correction Surgery Safe?

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