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How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

Your eyesight is a precious commodity. Looking after our vision is something we all need to take seriously. Thankfully, it’s not that difficult to do. Taking a few simple precautions is all that’s necessary to ensure your eyes remain in as good health as possible.

From Regular Eye Exams to Sun Protection

  •     The importance of eye examinations
  •     Day-to-day protection
  •     Lifestyle choices

The importance of eye examinations

By far the best step to good eye health is to undergo eye checks. These should be carried out regularly, with the exact time scale dependent on your age and any underlying vision or health conditions. It’s during such examinations that any problems are picked up, meaning any necessary treatment can promptly be carried out. Certain conditions, like cataracts, will be monitored until such a time surgery is deemed appropriate. Those with health conditions, such as diabetes, will need to be assessed on an ongoing basis for disease-specific conditions, including diabetic retinopathy. People with a family history of eye conditions—glaucoma, retinal detachment, etc.—will need to be monitored for any signs of a problem.Partnering with a trusted eye doctor or ophthalmologist builds up a relationship with a clinician who you trust. It also means that any changes in the health of your eyes are immediately obvious because your previous records are always accessible.

Day-to-day protection

Looking after your eyes every day requires a little thought. However, once these become habits, you’ll do them without a second thought. Steps include:

  • Wearing sunglasses when in bright light
  • Perhaps combine this with wearing a peaked hat to further shield your eyes from harmful UV rays
  • Wear your glasses if you have them
  • For contact lens wearers, ensure good eye and lens hygiene
  • Take regular breaks from the computer or other onscreen activities (cell phones, gaming, etc.)
  • If you’re on medication, especially for conditions like diabetes and hypertension, be sure to adhere to your drug regime
  • If you notice a change in your vision or experience any abnormal symptoms, see your eye doctor without delay

Lifestyle choices

Taking steps to lead a healthy lifestyle will be reflected in the health of your eyes.  

  • If you smoke, make a concerted effort to give up
  • Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg per day
  • Take regular exercise to stay fit

Finding an Eye Care Center Near Me

  •     Online or word of mouth: the key to finding an eye care center near me

Online or word of mouth: the key to finding an eye care center near me

Whether you begin the search for an eye care center online or through personal recommendations, the same efforts apply before taking the plunge and booking an appointment—and that means carrying out due diligence.In the same way as you take great care in your choice of physician, so your selection of eye care professional should be a measured choice. Once you’ve narrowed down your options (perhaps three or four in total) it’s time to do a bit of research. You can look at online reviews, which is a good start. But nothing beats good old fashioned word of mouth recommendations.As in any walk of life, bad news travels faster than good. This means that poor experiences from an eye clinic or individual will filter through quickly. In today’s world of instant online information, this is even more of a truism. Be sure to speak to your chosen provider before booking an appointment—preferably in person. Trust your instinct as to whether they’re a good choice. When it comes to putting the health of your vision in another’s hands it’s essential that you’re happy with that person’s expertise.

Searching for an Eye Exam Near Me? Floridians take advantage of the WBEC

The lucky residents of South Florida are fortunate to have one of the leading eye care centers on their doorstep. Based in Boca Raton, the West Boca Eye Center is headed by one of the country’s leading ophthalmologists—Brent Bellotte MD. This academic-grade clinic services every element of eye care, from regular examinations to laser vision correction, cataracts, and eye emergencies. Find out more at and book your appointment today.

How To Take Care Of Your Eyes
How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

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