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How To Become An Eye Doctor?

How To Become An Eye Doctor?

There are two different types of eye doctors—an optometrist and an ophthalmologist—that offer a fascinating career path. Both types involve many years of study, with the highest qualified of the two, an ophthalmologist, involving medical training from the outset.The following discusses all you need to know about becoming an eye doctor.

So You Want to be an Eye Doctor? What you need to know

  •     Different grades of eye doctors
  •     How to become an eye doctor: A step-by-step guide

Different grades of eye doctors

The first grade of eye doctor is an optometrist. These are the healthcare professionals responsible for primary vision care. This includes carrying out sight acuity tests, vision correction, and the diagnosis, treatment, and management of ongoing vision changes. An optometrist is not a medical doctor.The second, and most advanced, grade of eye doctor is an ophthalmologist—often referred to as an eye surgeon. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who’ve taken further training to specialize in the treatment of the eyes, including the diagnosis of all eye diseases and carrying out surgical procedures. In addition, they diagnose vision conditions, as well as prescribing and fitting corrective lenses. Ophthalmologists might also go on to specialize in certain eye conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts, retina, cornea, pediatrics, plastic surgery, or neurology relating to the eye.

How to become an eye doctor

  • How to become an Optometrist: Training takes four years (over and above an initial three years of college), gaining a degree as a Doctor of Optometry.
  • How to become an Ophthalmologist: Following college, you’ll need to undertake at least eight years of medical training. Many ophthalmologists then go on to take a further one to two years of training, known as a fellowship. This allows them to specialize in the treatment of specific eye conditions.

Gaining an Insight from those in the Field

  •     Talking to clinicians
  •     How to find the best eye doctors near me

Talking to clinicians

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in eye health, by far the best way to gain an insight is to talk to those already doing the job. A good place to start is to have a chat when you’re having your next eye exam. Most clinicians will be happy to give you their take on the industry, and perhaps a few pointers as to what steps to take next.

How to find the best eye doctors near me

You’ll also want to discover a little more about the working world of the eye doctor, and seeking out eye doctors near you is a great place to start. Choosing optometry or ophthalmology as a career is an exciting career path, one that involves dedicated study and advanced training to ready you for the world you’ve chosen to enter. It takes hard work and commitment to get qualified, but the rewards—both personally and financially—are well worth the effort.If, after your initial investigations, you decide that becoming an eye doctor is the vocation for you, then you should speak to an appropriate career advisor or college to ensure you work to gain the necessary qualifications to be accepted onto a degree course or into medical school.

The West Boca Eye Center: A world-leading clinical-grade facility

If you’re interested in becoming an eye doctor then it goes without saying that you understand the importance of great eye health. One of the leading centers in the country is the WBEC, headed by globally-recognized clinician, Brent Bellotte MD. The academic-grade clinic was set up to afford patients a one-stop-shop for all their eye care needs, meaning everything from regular eye exams to intricate surgery can be performed under one roof.Visit to find out more and call today to book an appointment.

How To Become An Eye Doctor?
How To Become An Eye Doctor?

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