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How Safe is Cataract Surgery?

How Safe is Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly carried out surgical procedures in the world. However, even if millions of operations are done each year, when the time comes for your eyes to be operated on, then it’s certainly not a routine event. If you’ve been diagnosed with cataracts or are scheduled for a cataract procedure, then it’s only natural to have some concerns. Along with questions surrounding the recovery period and what happens during surgery, you’ll likely want to know how safe the operation is.While we know a simple article can’t completely allay your concerns, we hope that the following might help a little.

Cataract Surgery: safe, proven, and commonplace

  • The safety statistics for cataract surgery
  • 4 reasons to not be scared of cataract surgery

The safety statistics for cataract surgery

A conservative figure for the number of cataract operations carried out each year is around 12 million across the globe. In the US alone, the American Academy of Ophthalmology puts this figure at about 2 million, according to 2018 figures. Today, this figure is more realistically at around 3.5 million.When it comes to the success rate, you’ll be glad to hear that the overall figure is 99%. Side effects are rare and the most common reason that a further procedure might be necessary is a condition called Posterior Capsule Opacification (PCO). This is where a person has symptoms post-op that are similar to that of the cataract itself (blurred vision, double vision, clouded vision, etc.). This is sometimes referred to as a secondary cataract and is quickly treated through a single doctor’s office procedure called YAG laser. This sorts the issue once and for all. Around 20% of people who’ve had a cataract removed will need treatment for PCO. It can occur any time from a few months to years after the original cataract surgery.

4 reasons not to be scared of cataract surgery

Now that we know the incredible success rate (99%) of the procedure, let’s look at 4 clear reasons why it shouldn’t worry you.

  • It’s fast and painless: The procedure takes place in the doctor’s office and typically takes around 30 minutes. You’ll be awake during the operation and your eye will be numbed throughout—so you won’t feel a thing. You then return home the same day.
  • Your surgeon will have done this thousands of times before: If not tens of thousands. This means that, for the doctor, this is a routine day at work, and they know exactly what they’re doing.
  • Virtually every side effect is preventable: Most post-op conditions are caused by poor eye care during the recovery period. You have full control over this—all you need to do is take your medication and use the eye drops as instructed. As we’ve already said, your eye doctor knows their stuff, so your only job is to do what they tell you.
  • You’ll be able to see clearly again: And if that’s not a reason to want the procedure done then we don’t know what is…! In fact, if you opt for a premium IOL (that’s the artificial lens that replaces the diseased one), then you’ll probably end up with even better vision than you used to. Chat to your ophthalmologist to find out which will suit you best.

WBEC Cataract Surgery: Safe, Proven, Procedures from a World-Renowned Ophthalmologist

At the West Boca Eye Center (WBEC), cataract surgery is our specialty. The highly experienced team is led by one of the world’s leading surgeons in all things cataract-related—Dr. Brent Bellotte. This dedicated clinician has played a pivotal role in pioneering many of the surgical cataract treatments that are now mainstream.This proactive approach means that his custom-designed, academic-grade clinic offers cutting-edge treatment of the highest caliber. If you’re concerned about cataracts or are seeking the best treatment in the country, then your search has come to an end.Discover more at and get in touch today to book a consultation.

How Safe is Cataract Surgery?
How Safe is Cataract Surgery?

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