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How Often Should You Have Your Eyes Checked?

How Often Should You Have Your Eyes Checked?

The health of your eyes is paramount, and by far the best way to ensure your best eyesight is to have regular eye checks. The periods and timescales for eye exams changes throughout your life. The following is a guide as to how often you should have your eyes checked, depending on your age and any diagnosed medical conditions.

Routine Eye Exams: An age-by-age guide

  •     Eye exams for children
  •     Eye exams for children
  •     Eye exams for seniors

Eye exams for children

An initial visual assessment is carried out at birth by the pediatrician. After this, children’s eyes are monitored for the first 6 months of life by their ongoing health care professional. As long as no vision issues are diagnosed, a comprehensive eye exam should be carried out by an eye doctor between the ages of 3-5.After this, and as long as there are no issues or family history of eye problems, another eye exam should be done before the child enters first grade. From then on, regular eye checks should be performed every 1-2 years.

Eye exams for adults

Healthy adults should undergo regular eye exams as follows:

  • Aged 20-30: At least every 5 years
  • Aged 40-54: Every 2-4 years
  • Aged 55-64: Every 1-3 years

Eye exams for seniors

Once you reach your 65th birthday it’s recommended that eye exams should be scheduled every 1-2 years. However, by this age, it’s common to wear some form of eye enhancement, such as glasses or contact lenses. This means that you might require more regular eye exams. Your eye doctor will advise as to how often these should be carried out.

Special Conditions and Finding an Eye Exam Near Me

  •     Health conditions that require more frequent eye exams
  •     Finding an eye exam near me

Health conditions that require more frequent eye examsIn children, some common conditions will necessitate additional eye examinations. These include:

  • Lazy eye
  • Crossed eyes
  • Misaligned eyes

In both children and adults, certain health conditions or a family history of them will also warrant increased monitoring, such as:

  • Diabetes and other chronic health conditions
  • Family history of any type of eye disease (cataracts, glaucoma, etc.)
  • Wearing contact lenses or glasses
  • Some medications that can cause eye and/or vision problems

Finding an eye exam near me

The hunt for a great eye doctor or clinic for routine eye checks or who can monitor and treat various eye conditions often begins online. While it’s common to enter ‘eye exam near me’ into Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., and hit search, you might find that this brings up way too many options.It’s far easier to specify the location when undertaking an online search. For instance, South Florida residents might look for ‘eye exam Boca Raton’ (or whichever city is relevant) to bring up more dedicated results.However, the ultimate manner in which to discover the best eye exam near me is via word of mouth. Speak to friends, relatives, or your doctor, and ask who they recommend. If you do utilize an online search, then be sure to check out reviews to make sure there are no negative comments. Once you’ve shortlisted a few eye doctors, call them and be guided by your instincts as to how they speak to you, answer your questions, and put you at ease. You might even want to visit in person to book your initial appointment—face to face meetings are often the best way to gauge how happy you’ll be with a provider’s expertise and customer service.

Contact the West Boca Eye Center for the Best Eye Exam Boca Raton

South Florida residents are fortunate to have a leading eye health facility on their doorstep, the West Boca Eye Center. Led by Brent Bellotte MD., one of the country’s foremost ophthalmologists, the clinic provides routine care, surgical procedures, and emergency treatment for all ages. Visit to find out more book your eye exam today.

How Often Should You Have Your Eyes Checked?
How Often Should You Have Your Eyes Checked?

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