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How Long Does LASIK Eye Surgery Take?

LASIK is a great option for permanent vision correction, providing a life without the need for contact lenses or eyeglasses. The operation itself only takes around 30 minutes—but there are a few pre- and post-procedure elements to attend to. 

The following is an easy guide to everything you need to know about this advanced laser vision correction, including who is and isn’t a good candidate.

How Long Does LASIK Eye Surgery Take and Other FAQs

  • Pre-LASIK treatment & who can have it done?
  • How long does LASIK eye surgery take on the day?
  • How long does LASIK eye surgery take to heal?

Pre-LASIK treatment & who can have it done?

Before LASIK is carried out, an in-depth eye examination needs to be performed. This will determine suitability for the treatment based on:

  • Your age: You’ll usually need to be at least 18 to be considered for LASIK.
  • The stability of your prescription: LASIK requires a prescription that’s been stable for a minimum of 12 months—ideally two years—before it can be carried out. This is why it’s not usually recommended for those below 18 years, because the eyes have yet to settle from the physical and hormonal changes of the body’s early years.
  • Your optical issues: LASIK can correct shortsightedness, longsightedness, and astigmatism. Recent advances also mean it can be used to correct higher prescription levels than was possible in the past.
  • The shape and thickness of your corneas: Very thin corneas can be an issue—although it doesn’t necessarily preclude you from LASIK. The unique shape of your corneas will also be mapped.
  • Any medical conditions: Certain conditions might mean that LASIK isn’t suitable. These include some eye diseases, such as glaucoma, systemic conditions—for example, diabetes—autoimmune conditions, and more. Every case is individual, and your LASIK surgeon will discuss this with you. Pregnant and nursing mothers are also unsuitable due to the hormonal changes within the body.

How long does LASIK eye surgery take on the day?

When you arrive at the doctor’s office, you’ll probably be given something to relax you before the surgery takes place. Along with other necessary pre-op details (such as paperwork, health observations, etc.), this can take anything up to a couple of hours. The actual operation will only take about 30 minutes, after which you’ll remain in the clinic for a while to recover.

In general, you should expect the whole experience to take around half a day, after which you’ll be free to go home. Make sure you have someone to drive you home, as you’ll still be under the influence of the sedative.

How long does LASIK eye surgery take to heal?

While many people report dramatic improvement in their vision almost immediately after surgery, you should realistically expect it to take a few days or weeks before the full results are evident. Indeed, the complete healing process takes at least a couple of months—and it might take a full six months for your vision to settle down.

However, you can expect to get back to many regular activities after a couple of days. You’ll be able to wear makeup after one to two weeks and restart contact sports at around week four. Holding off using swimming pools and hot tubs is usually recommended for at least a month.

You’ll return to see your surgeon after 24-48 hours and then again regularly during the next six months or until your prescription settles down.

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LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures are a specialty at the West Boca Eye Center. Lead clinician, Dr. Brent Bellotte, is a world-leading authority on the subject, dedicating his career to this and his other area of expertise, cataract surgery.

It’s true that most people are suitable for LASIK. But for those who aren’t, the WBEC offers a wide range of alternative laser vision correction.

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How Long Does LASIK Eye Surgery Take?
How Long Does LASIK Eye Surgery Take?

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