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Does Cataract Surgery Prolong Your Lifespan?

Does Cataract Surgery Prolong Your Lifespan?

Cataract surgery is a commonly-carried out procedure that can, quite literally, save your eyesight. Cataracts affect virtually everyone as they age and are most usually diagnosed in your 60s or beyond. However, eye doctors will screen for them during regular eye checks from your mid-40s onwards.When it comes to the question of whether cataract surgery can prolong your lifespan, this isn’t a cut-and-dried question. We need to delve a little deeper into the effects that cataracts can have on a person’s quality of life and how this, in turn, might lead to a shorter lifespan.

Cataract Surgery: benefits to sight, health, and longevity

  •     Cataract surgery benefits to sight
  •     Cataract surgery benefits to health
  •     How this affects longevity

Cataract surgery benefits to sight

The effect of cataract surgery on your vision is enormous, with cataracts being the leading cause of blindness in the world. If you’ve been told by your ophthalmologist that the time is right for you to undergo a cataract operation, you’ll already be experiencing quite noticeable cataract symptoms. These are typically:

  •     Not seeing colors so vibrantly—they appear mute, yellowed, or faded.
  •     Seeing halos around lights
  •     Worsening night vision
  •     Difficult reading or seeing things in low light
  •     Increasingly frequent prescription changes

Removing diseased cataract lenses and replacing them with artificial ones, known as intraocular lenses (IOLs), removes all of these issues. In some cases, it can return a level of eyesight that doesn’t require any form of corrective lenses. Other people may only need eyeglasses or contact lenses for either distance or close-up vision.

Cataract surgery benefits to health

We certainly shouldn’t underestimate the benefits that great eyesight can have on every other aspect of health. Clear vision means we can carry on enjoying all our hobbies and interests. You can continue to drive, stay current by reading the latest news, see your grandkids grow up, play golf, enjoy watching wildlife… All of this has a massive impact on both mental and physical health. Clarity of vision increases confidence in movement as we age. This means you’ll be more likely to take physical exercise and reap the benefits this brings. Your mental health also benefits, thanks to being able to carry on doing the activities you love.

How this affects longevity

The crucial element here is that your eyesight is a vital way to stay connected to the world and people around you. With reduced human interaction and loneliness being proven to decrease lifespan and quality of life, any interventions we can take to prevent deterioration can be hugely beneficial.While it isn’t a given that you’ll live longer if you have cataract surgery, studies are beginning to show a link between the two.  One particularly positive study carried out at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, LA, states some of the reasons why include:

  •     Taking more exercise and staying active
  •     It’s easier to stay compliant with medication as you can see it and read the instructions.
  •     Lowers the risk of having a fall and associated injuries
  •     Being able to drive more safely and, therefore, less likely to have an accident
  •     Increases motivation and quality of life
  •     Are more likely to benefit from seeking professional advice and care when there’s a health issue

While there is a need for more research to prove or disprove these findings, medics around the world agree that the evidence for a connection between cataract surgery and longevity is very strong.  

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The link between great eyesight and health can’t be underestimated. With cataracts affecting virtually everyone in later life, it’s essential to benefit from the earliest diagnosis and monitoring, followed by surgery at the relevant time. The West Boca Eye Center is one of the leading cataract and eye health clinics in the USA. Run by one of the world’s most renowned cataract surgeons, Dr. Brent Bellotte, this academic-grade clinic is a one-stop-shop for every element of great eye health.Discover more about the latest cataract treatments and surgery on offer at

Does Cataract Surgery Prolong Your Lifespan?
Does Cataract Surgery Prolong Your Lifespan?

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