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Does Cataract Surgery Correct Vision to 20/20?

Cataract surgery is one of the true marvels of surgical technology. But how good can you expect your restored vision to actually be? Will you return to 20/20 vision? Will you need glasses? Will your eyesight continue to worsen after the operation? 

These and, most likely, many more questions will be whirring around your mind if you’ve been told you need a cataract operation.

How Good Will My Vision Be After Cataract Surgery & Other FAQs…

  • Surgery for my cataract: is 20/20 vision possible afterward?
  • Will I need glasses after cataract surgery?
  • What are advanced lenses all about?
  • Will my vision deteriorate after cataract surgery?

Surgery for my cataract: is 20/20 vision possible afterward?

In a word, yes— it is possible (and common) to achieve 20/20 vision after cataract surgery. However, exactly how good your eyesight is at all distances (near, mid, and far) will depend on many factors.

Let’s first determine what cataract surgery will do… In short, it will remove all the symptoms that are associated with having cataracts, such as:

  • Improve cloudy vision
  • Improve blurry vision
  • Stop you seeing halos around light sources
  • Reduce or remove sensitivity to bright light
  • Allow you to see vibrant colors again
  • Improve your vision in low light
  • Remove that yellowish/brown tinge that saturates your field of vision

However… If you have a refractive error as well, then this will not be addressed by removing the cataract-diseased lens. This will need to be treated to restore 20/20 vision. Happily, conditions like astigmatism can be treated at the same time as a cataract during a laser cataract procedure.

Will I need glasses after cataract surgery?

You may. This will depend on the type of intraocular lens (IOL) you choose. This is the artificial lens that’s inserted in place of your cataract-clouded lens. If you opt for a simple, mono-focus IOL then you’ll need glasses for either near or far vision. But if you go for an advanced, premium lens, then you might not need any eyeglasses at all.

What are advanced lenses all about?

Advanced premium lenses can give you great focus at multiple distances. There are many different types. Some work a little like bifocal glasses, providing you with clear near and far vision.

Others use cutting-edge technology and work with the eye muscles in the same way as your natural lens, changing focus as you alter your gaze. With lenses like these, you won’t need eyeglasses and there’s a good chance that you might regain 20/20 vision. Even if it’s not perfect, you’ll benefit from enhanced vision that’s way better than your pre-op eyesight.

Will my vision deteriorate after cataract surgery?

This is a complex subject. When it comes to the improvements that are made from the cataract surgery, you generally won’t experience any deterioration. However, your eyes will continue to age as normal, meaning that conditions like glaucoma or AMD can still occur.

The key to great vision before and after cataract surgery is regular eye checks and early treatment of any issues that are diagnosed.

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Does Cataract Surgery Correct Vision to 20/20?
Does Cataract Surgery Correct Vision to 20/20?

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