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Does Age Matter With Lasik?

Does Age Matter With Lasik?

Lasik is a type of laser vision correction and can be carried out on most adults. When it comes to an upper (or lower) age limit, certain conditions might be a contra-indication to treatment. However, Lasik surgery and other related procedures have advanced dramatically over the past few years. Read on to find out everything you need to know about having Lasik surgery at every stage in life and the results that you can typically expect to achieve.

Lasik Surgery, Age, and Suitability

  • There are contraindications for Lasik surgery: age isn’t necessarily one of them
  • Lasik surgery by age category
  • Later life Lasik surgery: age and eye conditions permitting

There are contraindications for Lasik surgery: age isn’t necessarily one of them

One of the most important things to know is that age—and especially advancing age—certainly doesn’t mean that Lasik might not be life-enhancing. Even if you’re well past 60 or even if you’ve had cataract surgery, this won’t necessarily mean that you can’t have Lasik.Everyone’s situation is different. That’s why, if you’re considering Lasik or another laser vision correction, it's vital to take the advice of an eye surgeon who’s experienced in the very latest forms of this life-changing surgery.

Lasik surgery by age category

While it’s never good to generalize, the following can often be said for undergoing Lasik at various times of life.

  • Age 18-24: While the procedure is licensed for those over 18 years, it’s often the case that an ophthalmologist won’t recommend this until you’ve reached your mid-twenties. This is because it often takes until then for a prescription to stabilize enough for the procedure to be carried out. There are certain cases that an eye surgeon might make an exception for, such as those who’re professional sportspeople or those in the military.
  • Age 25-40: This is often perceived as the ultimate age range during which to undergo Lasik. Your prescription will most likely have stabilized, and you’ll be in good general health. The results are likely to be quite dramatic—even to the stage of a lifestyle free from any type of eyeglasses or vision correction.
  • Age 40-55: There are not many who will reach their mid-forties without the need for a pair of reading glasses, at least. However, there’s nothing to say that Lasik can’t be truly life-enhancing at this age. For non (or ex) smokers and those in good general health, laser vision correction may well be suitable at this stage of life.
  • Age 56 upwards: There is no upper age limit for Lasik. As long as there are no contraindications and your surgeon considers you a suitable candidate, then there’s no reason why it can’t be carried out. Considerations that will be discussed include conditions such as cataracts, regular medications you’ve been prescribed, diagnosed medical conditions, and your family medical history.

Later life Lasik surgery: age and eye conditions permitting

If you’re considering Lasik later in life, then one of the most important things that your surgeon will be keen to manage will be your expectations. As we get older, the results might be less dramatic than when carried out in your twenties and thirties. This means that you may well still have to wear eyeglasses for certain activities. One example is nighttime vision, which will commonly still require you to use some kind of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Over 40 and Keen for Lasik Surgery? Contact the WBEC for the Ultimate Treatment Possibilities

Brent Bellotte MD., the lead clinician at the West Boca Eye Center is a world-leading laser vision correction ophthalmologist. He’s pioneered treatments, bringing the gift of permanently improved vision to thousands of people who, previously, were deemed unsuitable for such a procedure.If you’re aged 40 plus and are interested in Lasik or another laser vision correction alternative, then the WBEC is one of the USA’s leading locations to discover the art of the possible. Visit to find out now and call today for your initial exploratory appointment.

Does Age Matter With Lasik?
Does Age Matter With Lasik?

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