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Do You Need Eye Drops After Cataract Surgery?

It can be scary to know that you’re going to need cataract surgery. You’ll likely have a gazillion questions about the procedure—and no matter how great your surgeon is, remembering everything that you’ve been told can be a challenge. The following looks at one of the common questions many people have: will I need to use eye drops after the operation? If so, what are they and why, and how long will they need to be used for?We answer this and other related questions below.

Eye Drops, Cataract Surgery, and Other FAQs

  • All about eye drops and cataract surgery
  • More important info

All about eye drops and cataract surgery

Eye drops are considered a staple medication following a cataract operation. There are different kinds of these, including:

  • Antibiotic eye drops
  • Lubricating eye drops
  • Anti-inflammatory eye drops

You’ll be given a program that shows you exactly which type to use and when. A typical post-op eye drop regime will go something like this:You’ll be sent home with an eye patch. This should remain in place that day and during the night when you sleep. The next day, remove the eye patch and begin using the eye drops (you should use the eye patch overnight for at least 2 weeks). The following are typical eye drop medications and usage timetables:

  • An antibiotic eye drip, such as chloramphenicol: 1 drop, 4 times a day, for 2 weeks
  • An anti-inflammatory eye drop, such as dexamethasone (Maxidex): 1 drop, 4 times a day, for 4 weeks

A lubricating eye drop might also be added into the mix, especially if you begin to suffer from dry eye.

More important info

The most crucial aspect of cataract surgery recovery is to avoid infection. This means that care should be taken when using eye drops to prevent any bacteria or toxins from entering the eye.It’s really important not to let the bottle touch your eye when inserting them. Do this by holding the bottle firmly and about half an inch away from the eye. If you prefer, have someone else apply them for you.Don’t let anyone else use your eyedrops and, once the course of treatment has finished, dispose of them responsibly.

Help! I hate eye drops

  • Eye drops, cataract surgery, and using them if you have a phobia

Eye drops, cataract surgery, and using them if you have a phobia

A phobia of using eye drops certainly isn’t uncommon. However, once you’ve gone through the cataract procedure, applying them often isn’t too big a deal. But, for those who really hate using them, there are many tips that can help make it somewhat easier.

  • Most importantly, learn the correct way to apply them. Speak to your ophthalmologist and get them to demonstrate. This is by far the best method of becoming proficient and will help boost your confidence in doing so.
  • Get someone else to apply them for you
  • Use an application dropper (ask your ophthalmologist or pharmacist about these)
  • It’s possible to use eye drops with your eyes closed.

It is extremely important to use the post-op eye drops as instructed. These will ensure the fastest recovery time, minimize the risk of infection, and reduce any discomfort.

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Do You Need Eye Drops After Cataract Surgery?
Do You Need Eye Drops After Cataract Surgery?

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