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Can You Travel After Cataract Surgery?

Can You Travel After Cataract Surgery?

One thing many people want to know after undergoing cataract surgery is when they can travel. This might be even more important if you’ve taken advantage of a specialist surgeon that isn’t in your local area. Perhaps you caught a flight to another state (or even country) to avail yourself of expertise that isn’t available close by. Whatever your reason for wanting to travel after cataract surgery, the following explains all the do’s and don’ts you need to know.

Cataract Surgery & Travel: What you can and can’t do

  • Traveling after cataract surgery: what you can do
  • Traveling after cataract surgery: what you can’t do

Traveling after cataract surgery: what you can do

Due to enormous advancements in modern cataract surgery, there are many things that you can do straight after treatment. Regarding travel, this means that after a cataract procedure you can:

  • Ride in a car as a passenger
  • Walk around
  • Travel on an aircraft
  • Ride on a train or bus

However, individual circumstances might differ. This means you should always follow your surgeon’s recommendations regarding travel.

Traveling after cataract surgery: what you can’t do

One thing that many people want to know is how soon they’ll be able to drive after the procedure. While you can’t drive yourself home afterward, you can get behind the wheel again once your vision has stabilized and any light sensitivity has resolved. In some cases, this might be as soon as 24 hours post-surgery. However, while many cataract procedures are carried out under local anesthetic, if you do require a general anesthetic (so are put to sleep), then you’ll need to wait until the drugs are totally out of your system before driving. It’s important to know that not everyone feels safe to drive this quickly. Therefore, each case should be determined on an individual basis, taking your surgeon’s recommendations wholly into account.Other forms of travel that you shouldn’t do in the first days after cataract surgery include:

  • Anything that causes excessive forces to the eye—this would include riding in a sports or supercar at speed
  • Jogging or running
  • Swim or enter the water
  • Travel anywhere that you’re likely to get grit or dust in the eye

Should I Travel to Get the Ultimate Cataract Surgery?

  • When local isn’t good enough

When local isn’t good enough

Cataract surgery, while routine, isn’t the same throughout the country. In fact, many cutting-edge procedures might only be available in specialized clinics. This is because the field is constantly advancing, meaning that only certain experts can perform the latest techniques and provide the latest intraocular lenses (IOLs).Other reasons to travel to such a center might be that you have particularly complex medical and/or visual needs. In such cases, it makes sense that you want the ultimate in treatment—something that only a few select individuals might be able to perform.Your eyesight is perhaps the most precious of all the senses. Taking time to determine who’s the best clinician to carry out treatment on the delicate organs of sight is certainly worth traveling for…

Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than The Best: Contact the WBEC for the Ultimate Cataract Surgery

The West Boca Eye Center is the premier location in the USA for the latest in advanced cataract treatment. Lead clinician, Brent Bellotte MD., is a global figurehead who continues to pioneer the latest in technologically advanced cataract solutions.Considered by his peers to be one of the foremost experts in the subject and treatment of cataracts, his academic-grade WBEC offers cataract solutions that often aren’t available elsewhere. This is one reason so many people travel long distances to avail themselves of his expertise.Find out more at and call today for a no-obligation discussion about your cataract treatment needs.

Can You Travel After Cataract Surgery?
Can You Travel After Cataract Surgery?

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