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Can My Eye Problem Be Treated?

Can My Eye Problem Be Treated?

Your eyesight is precious, so if there’s a problem you’ll be keen to know if it can be treated. Thankfully, most common (and not so common) eye issues can generally either be cured or, in the case of a progressive disease, slowed. This will ensure that you keep the best eyesight possible for as long as possible.The following gives an overview of some common eye problems and available treatments.

Common Eye Problems and their Solutions

  • Eye exams: the key to spotting issues before they get worse
  • Common eye problems and treatment

Eye exams: the key to spotting issues before they get worse

Most common eye problems are picked up during routine eye exams. This makes such proactive tests a must-do element of general health. Issues, such as short or longsightedness, tend to creep up. This means that the alteration in your vision is usually very subtle, meaning you might not notice it on a day-to-day basis, However, during an eye exam your ophthalmologist will be able to compare your previous results and determine if any prescription changes are needed.

Common eye problems and treatment

Apart from short and longsightedness, other common eye problems include:

  • Astigmatism: This, along with short and longsightedness, is grouped under the term “refractive errors”
  • Cataracts: Generally associated with age, these form over many years and, without treatment, can lead to blindness
  • Diabetic retinopathy: Associated with diabetes, this condition occurs due to prolonged periods of overly high blood sugar levels. It creates issues with the blood vessels in the eyes and can cause loss of vision if left uncontrolled
  • Floaters: Small clumps of proteins within the vitreous of the eye appear as floating spots and squiggles in your line of sight. They are generally harmless but large ones can be removed if required
  • Dry eyes: This common and somewhat confusingly named condition causes the eyes to tear more than usual. There are many reasons it can occur, including allergies, post-eye surgery, or blocked tear ducts
  • Glaucoma: Raised pressure within the eyes is a potentially dangerous condition that requires regular monitoring and treatment to keep it under control
  • Macular degeneration: Caused by damage to the macula—the area of the retina that perceives light. Left uncontrolled, it will eventually progress to significant loss of vision.

While some of these common eye problems don’t have a definitive cure, such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, there are a variety of treatments on offer for all of them. Cataracts can be removed, as can floaters. Glaucoma is treated in different ways, including anti-hypertensive drugs and eye drops, macular degeneration responds well to treatments that slow its progression, dry eye treatment includes drops and false tears, and diabetic retinopathy will be treated in conjunction with regular diabetes controls.

The Vital Link Between Eye Exams and Great Eyesight

  • From shortsightedness to glaucoma and cataract treatment

From shortsightedness to glaucoma and cataract treatment

As you’ve probably already guessed, the key to the best eyesight is regular eye checks. For adults with good general health, eye exams should be carried out at least every two years. They may need to be more frequent in certain situations, including:

  • Unstable prescriptions
  • A known condition, such as diabetes
  • You take certain types of medication, including steroids
  • A first-generation relative suffers/suffered from certain eye conditions
  • You’re older than 60 years
  • An eye condition, such as cataract, has been diagnosed and needs monitoring

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Can My Eye Problem Be Treated?
Can My Eye Problem Be Treated?

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