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Can My Eye Problem Be Treated?

Can My Eye Problem Be Treated?

Our vision is everything. However, it’s one that we tend to take for granted—until, that is—there’s a problem. From easily rectified issues, like being near or long-sighted, through to sight-threatening emergencies, such as retinal detachment or uncontrolled glaucoma, it’s only when we lose clarity of vision that we tend to worry whether or not the problem can be treated.Read on to discover everything you ever wanted to ask about eye problems and the ultimate way to ensure that your sight remains the best it possibly can throughout your life.

Common (and not so common) Eye Problems and their Prognosis

  • Near-sighted, far-sighted, and astigmatism
  • Systemic eye conditions
  • Eye emergencies

Near-sighted, far-sighted, and astigmatism

There aren’t many of us who benefit from truly 20/20 vision. Having difficulty focusing on items close up or at distance is very common. The conditions are referred to as being far-sighted (objects close by appear out of focus) or near-sighted (far away vision is fuzzy). It’s very common for your prescription to change, especially during earlier years, in your teens, and into your twenties as you move into stable adulthood. Astigmatism is another common condition where the cornea is uneven. This can cause focusing issues and problems sensitivity or seeing halos around bright lights.Thankfully, all of these conditions are easily treated with either eyeglasses, contact lenses, or laser vision corrective surgery.

Systemic eye conditions

Systemic eye conditions include those related to diabetes, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. Whilst all of these are potentially serious conditions, there is a great deal that can be done to slow or even halt their progression.Various options are available and depend on the condition, how advanced it is, and what your ophthalmologist considers to be the most appropriate course of treatment.

Eye emergencies

Eye emergencies include trauma, certain infections, exacerbation of an existing condition, or a sudden change in sight, such as occurs with a retinal detachment. Once again, there are many advanced methods of treating such conditions, with the proviso that you seek urgent expert help as soon as a problem occurs.

The Role of an Eye Care Center

  • Why you need an eye care center
  • Choosing an eye care center

Why you need an eye care center

Partnering with a great eye care center who’ll carry out regular eye examinations and monitor any pre-existing conditions is essential. Even if your eyes are in the best of health, yearly or bi-yearly checkups will pick up any changes or conditions during the early stages. That way you stand the very best chance of halting the progression or having definitive treatment to provide a cure.

Choosing an eye care center

Choosing an eye care center should be approached in the same way that you’d select any healthcare professional. Qualifications go without saying, but professional reputation is something that you should also consider. Recommendations are worth their weight in gold, as is a clinic that can offer expertise in all aspects of eye care.

Seeking an Eye Exam Near Me? Contact the West Boca Eye Center Today

As we’ve determined, the ultimate path to great vision is through routine eye checks. At the West Boca Eye Center, our highly experienced team not only provides some of the country’s best clinical care for problems, such as cataracts, diabetic eye care, and eye emergencies, we also champion regular eye check-ups.Led by one of the most renowned ophthalmologists in the US, Brent Bellotte MD., he and his team offer the pinnacle of great eye care for their patients. So what are you waiting for? Find out more about the clinic’s routine eye care at and get in touch now to book an appointment with our friendly team.

Can My Eye Problem Be Treated?
Can My Eye Problem Be Treated?

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