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Can Lifestyle Changes Prevent Eye Diseases and Disorders?

Can Lifestyle Changes Prevent Eye Diseases and Disorders?

Eyesight is perhaps the most fundamental of all our senses, meaning that we should all do everything we can to ensure it remains as good as possible. In addition to regular eye exams, there are certain lifestyle changes that we can all make that impact the quality of our vision.From giving up smoking to taking regular exercise, we look at what proactive steps we can all take to give our eyesight the best chance possible of remaining excellent throughout our lives.

The 5 Steps to Maintaining Great Eye Heath

  • The 5-step lifestyle choices

The 5-step lifestyle choices

The health of your eyes is closely linked to every other aspect of your body. Therefore, lifestyle changes that impact general health also have an excellent effect on your vision. The 5 most important steps all of us can take are:

  1. Eating a balanced diet: This means your overall diet should contain foods from all of the core groups, such as whole grains, vegetables, legumes/beans, fruits, meats (and their alternatives), and dairy (or alternatives). Reducing levels of unhealthy fats, salt, and sugar is also necessary. But, of course, it’s OK to have the odd treat here and there, as long as it’s in moderation.
  2. Reducing alcohol consumption: Not only is alcohol fattening but consuming even a moderate regular amount increases the risk of certain eye-related conditions, such as AMD (age-related macular degeneration).
  3. Stop smoking: We don’t need to belabor this as it’s common knowledge that smoking is detrimental to every aspect of health. Suffice to say that plenty of help is available to support anyone who’s finding it challenging to kick the habit.
  4. Take regular exercise: This doesn’t need to be training for a marathon, it can be as simple as a daily gentle walk, playing with the kids/grandkids, or gardening. The key is to find something you enjoy and then exercise becomes a pleasure, not a chore.
  5. Maintain a healthy weight: This is closely linked to all the above points and heavily impacts your eyesight and all other aspects of health. It also reduces the risk of developing diabetes, a condition that is hugely detrimental to your eyes and vision.

Suffer from Thyroid Eye Disease? Lifestyle changes help here too

  • Additional lifestyle changes for those suffering from thyroid eye disease

Additional lifestyle changes for those suffering from thyroid eye disease

Those who’re diagnosed with thyroid eye disease might also like to consider the following lifestyle changes that are proven to help.

  • Stress relief: The condition often goes hand-in-hand with becoming overly stressed. While it won’t necessarily make the disease worse, it does impact your well-being. Try different stress-relievers, including meditation, yoga, massages, warm baths, and breathing exercises. You might also find it helpful to join a support group. This will allow you to connect with other sufferers who have first-hand experience of what you’re going through. These might be face-to-face or online.
  • Wear sunglasses: Thyroid eye disease can make you very light sensitive. Using sunglasses will help with this.
  • Consider glasses with prisms: This will help counteract any double vision that’s common with the condition. Speak to your eye doctor about whether they think this will help you.

Looking for the Best Thyroid Eye Disease Treatment Options? Contact the WBEC Today

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Can Lifestyle Changes Prevent Eye Diseases and Disorders?
Can Lifestyle Changes Prevent Eye Diseases and Disorders?

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