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Can Cataracts Grow Back?

Can Cataracts Grow Back?

Many people mistakenly believe that cataracts can grow back after an operation. However, there are certain conditions where the earliest noticeable symptoms of cataracts might return. While this is not a new cataract, it is related to the original problem.The following includes everything you need to know about cataract growth, why they can’t grow back, and the very simple solution that can be carried out if you experience symptoms after a cataract operation.

All About Cataract Growth

  • What a cataract is
  • Why cataracts can’t grow back

What a cataract is

Cataracts are caused by the formation of clumped proteins on the lens of the eye. This occurs over many years—decades even—gradually causing the vision to become cloudy. Unchecked, cataracts can lead to a total loss of sight. The process is called opacification and is most commonly seen in those over 50 years of age. There are other instances when cataracts form in younger people, a condition that requires expert specialist attention.

Why cataracts can’t grow back

When you undergo cataract surgery, the diseased and clouded lens is broken down and removed from the eye. This is replaced by an artificial lens, known as an intraocular lens or IOL. Because this lens doesn’t contain proteins that can clump together, a cataract can’t re-occur on the surface of the IOL.

Posterior Capsular Opacification and Why it isn’t new Cataract Growth

  • The simple solution to a common post-op problem

The simple solution to a common post-op problem

Despite the impossibility of new cataract growth, there is a post-operative condition that occasionally occurs and that mimics the initial symptoms of a cataract formation. This is called Posterior Capsular Opacification, or POC.When a cataract is removed, the surgeon leaves the posterior portion of the natural lens capsule in place. This is necessary to provide a place to fix the artificial lens within the eye. In some cases, this part of the capsule might continue to form clumps of protein and can cause the vision to become cloudy, cause sensitivity to light, and difficulties in reading. In other words, many of the same symptoms that you might first notice as cataracts advance.However, this is not the formation of a new cataract over the artificial lens. The reason vision deteriorates is that it blocks the light traveling through the eye.Thankfully, there’s a simple and quick fix to POC. It involves a laser treatment that removes the center part of the posterior lens, allowing the free flow of light once again. The procedure is highly successful and, as around 25% of people who undergo cataract surgery suffer, is routinely carried out.It’s referred to as YAG, takes 5-10 minutes to carry out, and offers almost instant recovery. No incisions are made, no stitches are needed, and it really can be carried out in your lunch hour. Post-treatment, most people find they can carry on as normal within a few hours.

The WBEC is the Ultimate Clinic to Monitor Cataract Growth, Operate, & Perform Post-Op YAG Procedures

As the typical lifespan of humans becomes longer, it’s almost a given that all of us will develop cataracts as we age. Dr. Brent Bellotte of the West Boca Eye Center has dedicated his career to the discovery and implementation of cutting-edge cataract procedures. This includes diagnosis, monitoring, operating, and further post-operative needs. The clinic offers the ultimate in cataract care (as well as laser vision correction and all other aspects of eye care) and welcomes patients of all ages. Great vision is but a mouse click away. Visit to find out more and call today to book your initial expert appointment.

Can Cataracts Grow Back?
Can Cataracts Grow Back?

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