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Can Cataract Surgery Be Redone?

Can Cataract Surgery Be Redone?

Cataract surgery is, in the majority of cases, a successful procedure—life-changing, in many situations. However, as with any surgical procedure, there is always a small risk that the outcome won’t be as expected.Your cataract surgeon will, of course, explain any vulnerabilities before the procedure. But if the surgery fails to deliver the required results there are further procedures that can be performed to ensure a happy outcome. The following discusses what these are and why they may be necessary.

Cataract Eye Surgery: The risks

  •     After cataract surgery: Can cataracts come back?
  •     Posterior Capsular Opacity
  •     All about lenses

After cataract surgery: Can cataracts come back?

The most important aspect to understand is that cataract surgery is permanent—cataracts cannot come back. Once the natural lens is removed then the problem is gone for good. However, there is a condition that’s commonly referred to as ‘after cataract”, which can cause similar symptoms (fogging or clouding of the vision). The medical term for this is Posterior Capsular Opacity.

Posterior Capsular Opacity

Within the eye, the natural lens is housed within a thin capsule. The front element of this is removed during cataract surgery to enable the surgeon to remove the lens and insert the artificial one. The rear portion of the lens is left in place. In a minority of cases, this remaining portion of the capsule (the posterior) can start to opacify—in other words, it fogs up. If this happens it causes symptoms that are virtually identical to that of a cataract.Happily, there is an effective solution to treat this, known as YAG Laser Posterior Capsulotomy. This is a non-invasive procedure that uses a laser to polish away the opacity, so restoring clear vision.

All about lenses

During cataract eye surgery the natural lens is removed and an artificial one replaced. This is called an intra-ocular lens, or IOL for short. While, in most cases, this provides clear vision, there are occasions when the lens is of the wrong power or might move during the healing process. This can cause blurred vision. If this happens there are a few different ways to address the problem. The first is to correct the lack of clear vision with eyeglasses. Up until a few years ago, this was the most common course of action.Today’s cataract surgeon has more options available. Depending on the type of IOL implanted the choices include:

  • Further treatment to replace or remove the IOL
  • Laser vision correction
  • Adjustment of the lens within the eye by a light delivery treatment (only suitable if a particular type of IOL has been implanted)

Is Further Cataract Eye Surgery Safe?

  •     Treatment after cataract surgery

Treatment after cataract surgery

In the same way that cataract surgery itself is a commonly carried out procedure, so are the variety of post-operative treatments. Your ophthalmologist will determine the appropriate course of action for your situation. This might be one of the surgical options mentioned above or it might simply be to correct any vision errors with eyeglasses.Whatever is deemed the best will be a joint decision made between you and your expert cataract surgeon.

Contact Dr. Brent Bellotte for World-Leading Cataract Surgery Treatment

Undergoing cataract surgery or further treatment following lens implementation will, of course, cause a degree of anxiety for anyone who suffers. That’s why it’s essential to only entrust the health of your eyes to an individual with impeccable credentials and—crucially—a clinician who instills you with confidence.Brent Bellotte MD., of the West Boca Eye Center, is a globally renowned expert in the field of cataract surgery and post-treatment procedures. That’s the reason so many of his patients travel from across the country to avail themselves of his expertise.To find out more visit and schedule a call today to discuss your situation in more detail.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Can Cataract Surgery Be Redone?
Can Cataract Surgery Be Redone?

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