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Busting Myths About Cataract Surgery

Busting Myths About Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is something that most of us will need to undergo at some point later in life. This is because it’s a normal part of the aging process—one that we can’t avoid, in the same way that we can’t prevent wrinkles…However, even though cataract surgery is commonplace, many myths surround the procedure. This is despite the best efforts of ophthalmologists to present the real story about the ease of treatment and the great results it brings.The following looks at some of the most common misinformation about cataracts and the simple surgical procedure to remove them.

Cataract Myths and Why you Shouldn’t Believe Everything you Hear

  • Cataract myths #1: surgery is high risk
  • Cataract myths #2: you can’t do anything after cataract surgery
  • Cataract myths #3: cataracts can come back
  • Cataract myths #4: you don’t need surgery because cataracts can’t make you go blind
  • Cataract myths #5: not all cataracts can be operated on

Cataract myths #1: surgery is high risk

Not at all. Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures in the world, with around 10 million performed each year. The success rate is over 99%. Your surgeon will, of course, detail the risk factors dependent on your situation. However, for the vast majority of people, cataract surgery is an extremely low-risk treatment that greatly improves your quality of life.

Cataract myths #2: you can’t do anything after cataract surgery

Again, not true. The full post-op recovery period is around 6-8 weeks. However, this certainly doesn’t mean you have to take it easy the whole time. Indeed, you’ll be encouraged to use your eyes as normal as soon as possible, including watching TV and reading. You’ll wear a special eye patch when sleeping for the first week or two, just to prevent you from inadvertently rubbing the eye.You’ll need a follow-up appointment a couple of days after the procedure to check all is well. For the first week or so you won’t be able to lift or do anything strenuous, such as gardening or housework. You’ll also have to refrain from heavy lifting for a few weeks. However, for most people, that’s about it. You’ll be back to normal in no time, with the few day’s disruption being well worth the dramatically increased vision you’ll benefit from.

Cataract myths #3: cataracts can come back

This is completely untrue. Once the diseased lens is removed and replaced with an artificial one, there is no way the cataract can return. What can occur in a small proportion of people is a condition called Posterior Capsule Opacification. This is where the portion of the lens capsule that has to remain in the eye for the artificial lens to be attached to can continue to cloud. This is quickly and easily fixed by a procedure called a YAG laser capsulotomy. It takes around 5 minutes and is a one-off treatment that fixes the issue once and for all.

Cataract myths #4: you don’t need surgery because cataracts can’t make you go blind

Not true. Once cataracts form, they continue to evolve until they’ll eventually prevent any light at all from flowing through the eye. When they get to this stage, total vision loss will occur. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the developing world.

Cataract myths #5: not all cataracts can be operated on

Again, not true. While there are certain types of cataracts—such as congenital or traumatic cataracts—that are a little more problematic, there are specialists who deal with just these kinds of cases.The most problematic cataracts that require expert attention are found in people who have co-existing eye conditions. Even so, there would rarely be a reason why a specialist couldn’t perform cataract surgery. In such cases, seeking out a surgeon who’s experienced in your condition is the best way forward.

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Busting Myths About Cataract Surgery
Busting Myths About Cataract Surgery

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