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Best Lasik Eye Surgery In South Florida

Undergoing any kind of surgery is a big deal, but for most of us, that which involves the eyes is especially nerve-racking. Lasik eye surgery, used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, is an effective procedure and one that should be carried out by the most experienced of surgeons. Brent Bellotte MD., of the West Boca Eye Center, is the leading Lasik provider in South Florida. Here he discusses what the treatment entails.

Lasik eye surgery: the key facts

  •     What is Lasik?
  •     How does it work?

What is Lasik?

The acronym, Lasik, stands for “Laser in situ Keratomileusis”. It’s most commonly used to treat nearsightedness, but in certain cases can also be used for farsightedness and astigmatism. All of these conditions are caused by some kind of irregularity within the cornea. The Lasik procedure removes very thin layers, reshaping it to optimal levels and therefore restoring the quality of vision.

How does it work?

Whatever the reason for the procedure, Lasik eye surgery refocuses the way that light shines through the eye and its ability to focus. By efficiently removing tissue from the cornea the surgeon restructures the working of the eye(s) back to that of normality, so reducing or negating the need for any kind of visual aids (glasses or contacts).

The Brent Bellotte MD distinction

  •     Why choose the West Boca Eye Center?
  •     Everyone’s an individual

Why choose the West Boca Eye Center?

Led by Brent Bellotte MD, the West Boca Eye Center focuses on providing the very best patient experience. Under his expert guidance the care provided is cutting edge, yet delivered with compassion, congeniality, and—very importantly—the unique understanding that it’s a natural reaction to have at least some level of anxiety about any surgery regarding your eyes.

Everyone’s an individual

This empathetic approach means that everyone benefits from the treatment that Brent Bellotte MD would wish for a member of his own family. His experience in the field of ophthalmology is second to none. He’s board-certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, and during his extensive and rigorous training was continually awarded the highest honors from a variety of leading institutions.Today he’s a leading figure in the field of ophthalmology. He pioneers the latest technology to bring visual solutions to sight problems that, in the past, might have only been treated by ever-increasing prescriptions for glasses. Yet, despite—or perhaps because of—this incredible prowess, another aspect that sets Brent Bellotte MD apart from his peers is his ability to combine this with a truly human approach—one that’s mirrored by every member of the West Boca Eye Center team.

See the difference for yourself

When it comes to choosing the best Lasik in South Florida, Brent Bellotte MD invites you to discover this leading healthcare facility for yourself. With a website packed with information, not to mention a friendly team of experts on hand to answer any questions you might have, you’ll feel the wealth of the clinic’s experience from the very first contact.Call (561) 488-1001 to schedule a Lasik consultation and begin your journey to better vision today.

Best Lasik Eye Surgery In South Florida
Best Lasik Eye Surgery In South Florida

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