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5 Ways To Protect Your Vision

5 Ways To Protect Your Vision

Your vision is precious, so it makes absolute sense that you want to protect it. However, we’re probably all guilty of making some common mistakes that can harm our eyesight without us even being aware of it.The following is a simple guide that details 5 steps we can all take to protect our vision, not only for today, but to ensure that it remains as great as possible throughout our entire life

Great Eye Protection Involves both a Clinical and Holistic Approach

  • Step 1: find a holistic ophthalmologist
  • Steps 2-5: self-care and ophthalmologist-recommended sunglasses

Step 1: find a holistic ophthalmologist

You’re probably wondering what a holistic ophthalmologist is, and you’d be right to ask. A holistic approach means looking at eye health in its entirety, as well as considering your lifestyle and how this might affect your eyesight now and in the future. While this might sound like something you’d expect every practitioner to offer, this isn’t quite the case. The thing is, the vast majority of ophthalmologists (the highest grade of eye surgeons) tend to specialize in a specific field. For example, they might be an expert in diabetic-related eye care or focus on a certain area of the eye. A holistic ophthalmologist, on the other hand, takes a more comprehensive approach. In fact, finding a surgeon who does so is more challenging than you might think. Most specialists have worked within their area of expertise for many years (and are, therefore, justifiably excellent at what they do). But the benefits of a clinician who looks first at the entire eye and how you use them day-to-day before evaluating any necessary treatment should not be underestimated. If you then combine this holistic approach with a clinic that comprises the various specialist ophthalmologists that we’ve mentioned, then you really have found the ultimate eye care doctor.

Steps 2-5: self-care and ophthalmologist-recommended sunglasses

Once you’ve managed step 1, the next 4 ways to protect your vision are slightly simpler to achieve.

  • Step 2: Have regular eye examinations: Depending on your age and any related eye and/or health conditions, this could be anything between every few months to every couple of years. This is essential to ensure that any developing conditions are diagnosed at the earliest stage. Then they can either be treated or monitored as necessary.
  • Step 3: Watch your diet: Be sure to include plenty of fruit and veg within your regular diet, cut down on any unhealthy fats and sugars, and drink plenty of water. Doing so benefits the whole body and helps ensure that the vital oxygen-carrying blood provides the necessary nutrients to the eyes and surrounding tissues.
  • Step 4: Make any necessary lifestyle changes: If you smoke, take steps to give up. Consume alcohol in moderation and take regular exercise. Remember, the body is a dynamic machine and if you’re in overall good health then this provides a great basis for eye health as well.
  • Step 5: Purchase a good pair of ophthalmologist-recommended sunglasses: Shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays plays a key role in protecting vision. It can help guard against the formation of cataracts to some extent, as well as ensure that the light-sensitive cells within the eyes are protected from sun damage.

Discover the Ultimate Holistic Ophthalmologist at the West Boca Eye Center

AT the WBEC, our clinicians are passionate about 2 things: their expertise in all things vision-related and that eye care should take the health of the entire body into account. We don’t think that sight is something that can be approached in isolation. The body is a dynamic marvel of nature, with every system having an impact on the rest. That’s why we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to your eye health. Where necessary, we work in conjunction with other clinical professionals—such as your diabetic doctor, general physician, or pediatrician—to ensure that all treatment complements other issues that are going on.And if you’re in rude health? Well, that’s great too, as we can ensure that any eye conditions are appropriately addressed or that your routine check-ups happily show that your vision is also in great shape. Find out more about why we’re the eye health provider of choice for so many at

5 Ways To Protect Your Vision
5 Ways To Protect Your Vision

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